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A tableau of five fishermen, hauling their nets. An astounding example of Carlos' sculpture that highlights the nobility of work and the value of 'bayanihan'--where working arm-in-arm with others is an act of kindness, teamwork, and solidarity.


Mixed media.


16 inches x 68 inches x 24 inches.

The Big Haul

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    Domestic & international: We will forward your purchase to a third-party freight forwarding company with the best rates for your shipment.

  • Modes of payment:

    • manual payments (bank transfers, cash, cheque payments)
      • please note that the reservation of the artwork under your name will be held for 24 hours, during which proof of payment must be submitted to If the payment has not been made, the reservation is forfeited.
    • credit card payments (via Paypal on this site, even if you do not have a Paypal account)
    • cryptocurrency transfers via cryptowallets


    • Metro Manila: free delivery.
    • Domestic & international shipping: The artwork will be delivered to a third-party freight forwarding company that will provide the best rates for your shipment and will coordinate with you directly.
    • Utmost care will be provided by the artist to prepare the artwork for shipment. However, because we are endorsing the artwork to a third-party courier, the artist and his representatives cannot be held liable for any damage or loss that occurs after the endorsement.
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